Learning Pits and Reasons for Hope with James Nottingham

James Nottingham is the Co-Founder of Challenging Learning and is the Creator of the Learning Pit, a program that he founded in 2003 to encourage students to get out of their comfort zone. Since then it has scaled across the globe to millions of educators and learners who have grabbed hold of its message of inspiration.

James joins Mike to explain how this all got started with his experiences as a troubled student, which allowed him to connect his experiences to those of students who are beginning to grapple with the discomfort that comes with pushing yourself to learn more and become more. We talk Vygotsky, desirable difficulty, and other related concepts from learning science in the context of real-world experiences and examples as we help James spread the word about the power of embracing challenging learning and the ideas behind the Learning Pit.

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Applied Learning Science, Mind Control, and Great Online Learning with Dr. Steve Joordens

Steve Joordens is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto (U of T). He’s also the Director of the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab at U of T where he researches the application of research findings to real life learning interventions. Steve joins Mike in a free-flowing conversation about the challenges and opportunities with online learning in these very confusing times.

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Learning Engineering with Dr. Bror Saxberg

Mike, Dan, and Brandon welcome Dr. Bror Saxberg, Kaplan’s Chief Learning Officer, to the podcast. Bror helps bring the topic of learning engineering to life. Why doesn’t education have more individuals focused on building the learning experience and understanding how everything ties together? Find out what Bror, and the rest of the crew, have to say on that and much more.

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