Confessions of a School Reformer with Author Dr. Larry Cuban

Larry Cuban is Professor Emeritus in Education at Stanford University. He recently wrote Confessions of a School Reformer, an educational history and personal memoir of his life that begins with his childhood in school in Pittsburgh, then proceeds through his years as a teacher and school administrator, and concludes with his thoughts on the present day.

Larry joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about his 87 years of experience with education beginning in the Progressive Era, proceeding through the Civil Rights Movement, and concluding in the present day where the Standards-Based Reform movement continues to predominate.

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Enriching Education with Narrative, Puzzles, and Fun with Chris Ryan and Leslie Kerner

Chris Ryan and Leslie Kerner are the Cofounders of Silverquicken, a rigorous enrichment program for kids aged 9-13, that uses puzzles and immersive narrative to help kids learn while fostering a sense of wonder and fun in their studies.

Chris and Leslie join host Mike Palmer to explain what led to the founding of the company and what it’s been like launching and iterating on the product set during a pandemic.

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Designing a Learning Platform for Early Childhood with Sunil Gunderia

Sunil Gunderia is Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Mastery & Adaptive Products at Age of Learning, the makers of early childhood learning products like ABC Mouse. Sunil joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about building a personalized learning platform ecosystem for early learners, parents, and educators.

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An Inclusive Panel Talks Children’s Literature and RIF’s Rally to Read

In a star-packed panel to celebrate the culmination of Reading is Fundamental’s Rally to Read, Alicia Levi, Orion Jean, Dr. Monica Brown, and Joanna Ho join host Mike Palmer in a roundtable discussion of the importance of reading and how representation matters when it comes to the stories we tell.

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Transforming Education through Student-Led Team-Based Learning with Michael Toth

Michael Toth is the founder and CEO of Learning Sciences International. He’s on a mission to end poverty using education as the equalizer by increasing academic rigor and student agency to ensure classroom equity. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about revamping current K12 instructional practices as detailed in his multi award-winning book, The Power of Student Teams.

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Getting Social Emotional About Strong and Resilient NYC Schools with David Adams and Elizabeth Stranzl

David Adams is the CEO of The Urban Assembly and a Member of the Board of Directors for Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Elizabeth Stranzl is the Director of The School Climate and Wellness Division of the New York City Department of Education. The pair join host, Mike Palmer, in a conversation about SEL in New York City schools and beyond. We reinforce why it’s important and share how the research backs it up as we respond to the surprising backlash we’ve been seeing against some SEL programs across the United States.

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Creating a New Way for Children to Learn to Read with Zach Silverzweig

Zach Silverzweig is the CEO and Founder of TinyIvy, a startup focused on helping children learn to read. He returns to join host, Mike Palmer, in a conversation about what it’s been like launching and growing his company through the challenges of the past year. When we first met Zach a year ago, he had developed a program of flashcards and worksheets based on a system that adds marks to English letters to create a one-to-one mapping of characters to sounds to make English more decipherable for young learners.

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Driving Student and Family Engagement with Chatbots

Joanna Smith is the CEO and founder of AllHere, an edtech company improving attendance and student success with mobile messaging powered by AI. Before founding AllHere, she taught middle school mathematics and served as Director of Family Engagement at a charter school in Boston.

Joanna joins Mike Palmer to talk about the problem of low student attendance in K12 and how she and team are building AllHere to create a scalable way to begin to address it. What’s the best way to design an ecosystem that is available 24/7 and allows its teachers to focus on the highest-yield human activities? How has the pandemic impacted this problem? How did the team at AllHere listen to the community to respond quickly to needs around food insecurity? In what other ways might chatbots help improve educational experiences for students and families?

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