Bror Saxberg | Learner-Centered AI and the Redefinition of Human Skills

Bror Saxberg, the Founder of LearningForge, rejoins Mike Palmer for the thrilling conclusion of our learning science trifecta of episodes! In this mind-bending discussion, Bror dives deep into the transformative potential of AI in education and redefining human skills. He draws insightful parallels to fields like medicine, highlighting how a deeper understanding of “biology” can fuel innovation – in this case, uncovering how humans truly learn and stay motivated.

Bror envisions AI as the pen(cil) for drafting richer, more personalized learning experiences, from content production to adaptive tutoring. But he doesn’t stop there, challenging conventional career trajectories. What if the path to becoming an expert editor or investment banker looked completely different in an AI-powered world?

Brace yourself as Bror expounds on the “badly designed” human brain and the urgency of prioritizing lifelong, transferable skills. Get ready to rethink everything from preschool curricula to that obsession with worksheets!

ūü߆ Key Takeaway: Don’t spray tech on learning problems; understand the human learning “biology” first.

‚úŹÔłŹ Key Takeaway: AI can revolutionize content creation and tutoring by personalizing to learners’ contexts and motivations.

‚ö° Key Takeaway: Prioritize building durable “brain-to-brain” skills like empathy, perspective-taking, and collaboration from an early age.

Bror leaves us inspired by AI’s promise for more optimized, human-centered learning – if we have the foresight to plan accordingly. Get ready to redefine your own skills for the AI era!

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