Learning Engineering

K12 Education

Rethinking the Building Blocks of Learning with Mike Acerra

Inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller and the Kindergarten movement, Mike Acerra designed Lux Blox to reimagine the building blocks of learning. Co-founder and President of Lux Blox, Acerra brings an interdisciplinary background spanning art, architecture, physics, and education. His unique system aims to develop children’s spatial skills, creativity, and confidence through intuitive play with forms based on nature.

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Learning Science

A Look at the Future of Learning Tools with Kumar Garg

Kumar Garg is the Managing Director of Schmidt Futures, a venture facility for public benefit that recently cosponsored the Futures Forum on Learning Tools Competition with Citadel. Kumar joins our host, Mike Palmer, to talk about the winners of the tools competition that were recently announced and to provide his insights and perspectives on learning engineering as well as trends in educational technology and computational thinking.

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Learning Engineering with Dr. Bror Saxberg

Mike, Dan, and Brandon welcome Dr. Bror Saxberg, Kaplan’s Chief Learning Officer, to the podcast. Bror helps bring the topic of learning engineering to life. Why doesn’t education have more individuals focused on building the learning experience and understanding how everything ties together? Find out what Bror, and the rest of the crew, have to say on that and much more.

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