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Rethinking the Building Blocks of Learning with Mike Acerra

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Inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller and the Kindergarten movement, Mike Acerra designed Lux Blox to reimagine the building blocks of learning. Co-founder and President of Lux Blox, Acerra brings an interdisciplinary background spanning art, architecture, physics, and education. His unique system aims to develop children’s spatial skills, creativity, and confidence through intuitive play with forms based on nature.

Lux Blox provides an open-ended platform for educators and parents to engage students kinesthetically. The blocks encourage insight and exploration using complex geometric shapes not found in typical toys. Acerra designed Lux Blox to align with principles from science and art to help strengthen spatial thinking. As host Mike Palmer discusses with Acerra, hands-on learning tools like Lux Blox develop the flexible mindset needed for the future of education and work.

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