About Trending in Ed

We’re an educationally focused trendspotting podcast that’s been releasing shows regularly since September of 2016. Originally launched as an R&D project for the Digital Media team at Kaplan led by Mike Palmer, Mike was able to hold onto the podcast when he left Kaplan in December of 2019. Since then, we’ve released over 200 episodes for Palmer Media spanning the transformative times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a Social Justice Uprising and Backlash, Culture Wars, and disruptive revolutions in healthcare, mental health, and the job market. It’s been a fascinating time to do what we do and we’re happy to have you here.

The Team

We’re powered by a diverse and insightful team of professionals ranging from our core group of contributors to a broader cross section of leaders, practitioners, and visionaries passionate about the future of education. If you or someone you know might be a great guest or contributor to Trending in Ed, contact Mike Palmer at [email protected]