K12 Education

Transforming Education through Student-Led Team-Based Learning with Michael Toth

Michael Toth is the founder and CEO of Learning Sciences International. He’s on a mission to end poverty using education as the equalizer by increasing academic rigor and student agency to ensure classroom equity. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about revamping current K12 instructional practices as detailed in his multi award-winning book, The Power of Student Teams.

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Higher Education

Financial Literacy and Student Debt with Dr. Mordecai Brownlee

Dr. Mordecai Brownlee proudly serves as the Vice President for Student Success at St. Philip’s College. St. Phillips holds the distinction of being the only institution granted both HBCU and HSI status. He also serves as adjunct faculty at Morgan State University School of Education & Urban Studies and the University of Charleston School of Business & Leadership. In addition, Mordecai is an education columnist with EdSurge and has authored recent articles on Financial Literacy and Co-Requisite Developmental Education that form the foundation of his conversation with Mike Palmer in this episode.

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A Conversation With Dr. Paul Reville, Author of Broader, Bolder, Better

Mike engages in a fascinating discussion with Dr. Paul Reville, a Professor of Educational Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Founder of the Education Redesign Lab, and former Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Paul recently wrote a book titled Broader, Bolder, Better: How Schools and Communities Help Students Overcome the Disadvantages of Poverty.

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