Building Tools for Instructional Design and Course Visualization with Coursetune CEO Maria Andersen

Maria Anderson, the Founder and CEO of Coursetune, joins Mike to talk about the importance of good instructional design and curriculum development to effective online learning. Maria walks us through her extensive and varied experiences ranging from teaching math at a community college, to working at Canvas, the large LMS company, to leading instructional design at Western Governors University (WGU) before founding Coursetune three years ago.

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Visual Storytelling and Video with Mike Tringe and Sean Graham

Mike Tringe and Sean Graham from CreatorUp, a Digital Media Studio and Training Company, join Mike Palmer to discuss the critical role of visual storytelling and video for brands, universities, and individuals. We explore how CreatorUp leaned into Live Online delivery and educational use cases as the pandemic response required agility and resilience.

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Designing a Crowdsourced EdTech and Strategy Course for Higher Ed

Warren Kennard, the Founder of ConnectED, returns to the show to describe his recent experience designing and building a crowdsourced 8-week course in EdTech and Strategy for Higher Ed.

What problems was he trying to address when conceiving of this course? What elements of design thinking powered the approach? Who is it designed for and how has the COVID-19 pandemic increased the relevance and interest in online learning and innovative leadership in higher education?

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