Activating Generation X with Celine Coggins

Celine Coggins is a social entrepreneur passionate about building networks and collective action to reduce inequity. She founded Teach Plus in 2007 to address the growing need for authentic teacher leadership to transform the nation’s schools and our education system. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Grantmakers for Education.

Celine joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her new endeavor The Legacy Years Project, an initiative looking to activate members of Generation X to establish a positive collective legacy.

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The Best of Trending in Ed – Wendy Zukerman LIVE from the Javits Center for NAB in New York

For this installment of the Best of Trending in Ed, we’re returning to an episode we recorded live at the Javits Center for NAB New York in the Fall of 2018. Wendy Zukerman joins hosts Mike Palmer and Brandon Jones in a conversation about science, media, podcasting, and the work she is doing at the Science Vs which is still going strong at Gimlet to this day.

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Lessons Learned from James Webb, SpaceX, and CERN

Mike Palmer is rejoined by Nancy, our virtual cohost, in a conversation about the new images released from the James Webb Space Telescope. We commend NASA for its lyric prose that accompanies the images of cosmic cliffs and young hot stars being born. Then we talk about Elon Musk. It’s pretty much unavoidable to do so nowadays. We focus on recent news of an explosion during a Space X booster rocket test before shifting to our frustration about all the wasted energy and effort surrounding Musk’s bid to acquire Twitter.

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