Microschools and Learning Pods with Brian Tobal

Brian Tobal is the CEO of SchoolHouse, an education company that provides a home to microschools led by outstanding educators. On this episode, Brian joins Mike to tell the story of the series of successful education ventures and initiatives that he’s embarked on through his career. We conclude by diving into what led to his joining SchoolHouse to lead them through these tumultuous times.

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Gaming, Scenario-Based Thinking, and Covid-19 on Campus with Bryan Alexander

This week Mike is joined by Bryan Alexander, Senior Scholar at Georgetown University and author of Academia Next , to talk about what happens when a Futurist gets a prediction right. In Bryan’s recent book, he explores a possible future where a widespread pandemic akin to the 1918 Spanish flu hits and majorly disrupts higher education. Bryan’s book was released prior to COVID-19 and it’s received a lot of attention since.

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Designing a Crowdsourced EdTech and Strategy Course for Higher Ed

Warren Kennard, the Founder of ConnectED, returns to the show to describe his recent experience designing and building a crowdsourced 8-week course in EdTech and Strategy for Higher Ed.

What problems was he trying to address when conceiving of this course? What elements of design thinking powered the approach? Who is it designed for and how has the COVID-19 pandemic increased the relevance and interest in online learning and innovative leadership in higher education?

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Thoughts on the Upcoming Semester with Dr. Terri Givens

Dr. Terri Givens, CEO of the Center for Higher Education Leadership, returns to join Melissa and Mike in a wide-ranging conversation about what we see on the near-term horizon for Higher Education in the Fall of 2020.

We touch on the “Corona Gap Year” phenomenon, put ourselves in the shoes of University Administrators and faculty navigating these uncertain times, and get advice based on Terri’s experience as a Professor, an Administrator, and now as the Founder of a company focused on helping Higher Education navigate the complexities of this day and age.

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Running It Back – Magic Announces He Has HIV – Bonus Content

We open with a quick note on the Jacob Blake incident in Wisconsin and the ripple effects across our culture. It’s something we’ll continue to cover.

Then, in this bonus episode from the soon-to-launch podcast, Running It Back, we transport ourselves back to November 7th, 1991 when Magic Johnson first announced that he had HIV.

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Bridging Digital Divides with Angela Siefer

Angela Siefer, Executive Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance returns to the show to join Mike in a conversation about how to open up access to the digital tools many of us take for granted. Last time we had Angela on the show in March, we were still in the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Now as we approach the Fall, there remains plenty of work to do and the focus is shifting.

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Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s Classroom with Dr. Rich Milner

This week Dr. H. Richard Milner, Professor of Education at Vanderbilt University, joins Mike to explore how he is thinking about issues of diversity, opportunity gaps, and the mindsets that must be overcome to effectively engage diverse students and classrooms. Rich’s book, Start From Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There was just reprinted by Harvard Education Press to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of its initial printing in 2010.

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Listening to Adult Learners with Howard Lurie

Howard Lurie, Principal Analyst, Online and Continuing Education at Eduventures, joins Mike this week to discuss recent research findings from the firm that dives into the mindset and sentiment of adult learners. Eduventures has published findings from two surveys of adult learners–one fielded before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and then a second survey fielded in June 2020.

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Closing Gaps and Navigating Uncertainty with UNC Greensboro Chancellor, Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.

UNC Greensboro Chancellor, Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., joins Trending in Education to share his experiences leading a university with a long history of opening up access to higher education. Beginning as a women-only university in the late 19th Century, UNC Greensboro has since opened up to non-white students soon after to men.

We discuss the importance of digital inclusion, Dr. Gilliam’s transformative experiences leading the university through the COVID-19 response thus far, and responding to the George Floyd murder and related unrest.

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