Lessons Learned from Sports after Uvalde and Buffalo

As a special episode for Trending in Ed fans, we’re releasing our latest episode of Running it Back, the Lessons Learned from Sports podcasting featuring Tarlin Ray and Trending in Ed host Mike Palmer. Sometimes it’s hard to come directly at a topic so we use things like sports to help us work through unthinkable tragedies like what we’ve seen in recent weeks. If you enjoy this episode, check our Running It Back wherever you get your podcasts. Visit us at RunningItBack.fm for more.

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NBA Walkout Emergency Edition

In this emergency bonus episode of Running It Back, Tarlin and Mike dive into the transformative events of the past week beginning with the shooting of Jacob Blake and culminating in the walkout of NBA players led by the Milwaukee Bucks.

As these actions set off a cascade of similar actions in Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and elsewhere, how can we put this into a broader historical context? We run through the long history of athletes as activists who have asserted their power by choosing not to play. Some have set off movements by pulling in others to follow. Others have been ostracized and mostly forgotten.

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Running It Back – Magic Announces He Has HIV – Bonus Content

We open with a quick note on the Jacob Blake incident in Wisconsin and the ripple effects across our culture. It’s something we’ll continue to cover.

Then, in this bonus episode from the soon-to-launch podcast, Running It Back, we transport ourselves back to November 7th, 1991 when Magic Johnson first announced that he had HIV.

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Running It Back – The 1999 NBA Playoffs

As a bonus gift, we’re bringing you an episode of the upcoming podcast Running It Back. Tarlin Ray and Mike Palmer look to moments in sports history to give insights for our lives today. On this episode, Mike and Tarlin run it back to the 1999 NBA season and the historic run for the 8th-seeded New York Knicks all the way to the NBA Finals.

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Running It Back – Blackballed – The 2014 Clippers and Donald Sterling

For today’s show, we’re releasing an upcoming episode of Running It Back with Tarlin Ray and Mike Palmer where we break down Blackballed, the new Quibi short-form docuseries about the 2014 Los Angeles Clippers and the Donald Sterling scandal.

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Running It Back – The Last Dance Episodes 1-4

As a Bonus Trending in Education Extra, we’re releasing the first of a series of shows on The Last Dance, the must-see ESPN docuseries on the final season of the legendary 1990s Chicago Bulls. Tarlin Ray and Mike Palmer dissect the first four episodes of the 10-episode series and draw relevant lessons to life, management, leadership, and team chemistry in the 2020s.

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