Gaming, Scenario-Based Thinking, and Covid-19 on Campus with Bryan Alexander

This week Mike is joined by Bryan Alexander, Senior Scholar at Georgetown University and author of Academia Next , to talk about what happens when a Futurist gets a prediction right. In Bryan’s recent book, he explores a possible future where a widespread pandemic akin to the 1918 Spanish flu hits and majorly disrupts higher education. Bryan’s book was released prior to COVID-19 and it’s received a lot of attention since.

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Designing a Crowdsourced EdTech and Strategy Course for Higher Ed

Warren Kennard, the Founder of ConnectED, returns to the show to describe his recent experience designing and building a crowdsourced 8-week course in EdTech and Strategy for Higher Ed.

What problems was he trying to address when conceiving of this course? What elements of design thinking powered the approach? Who is it designed for and how has the COVID-19 pandemic increased the relevance and interest in online learning and innovative leadership in higher education?

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Thoughts on the Upcoming Semester with Dr. Terri Givens

Dr. Terri Givens, CEO of the Center for Higher Education Leadership, returns to join Melissa and Mike in a wide-ranging conversation about what we see on the near-term horizon for Higher Education in the Fall of 2020.

We touch on the “Corona Gap Year” phenomenon, put ourselves in the shoes of University Administrators and faculty navigating these uncertain times, and get advice based on Terri’s experience as a Professor, an Administrator, and now as the Founder of a company focused on helping Higher Education navigate the complexities of this day and age.

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Innovation, Customer Discovery, and Hard-Boiled Podcasting with Dr. Shannon Clute

Dr. Shannon Clute joins Mike to share his broad and varied experiences in education, innovation, marketing, and digital media. He begins by telling the story of his early experiments with podcasting and other new media to innovate in higher education where Shannon was a Professor of French Literature.

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Trump’s SATs, Betsy DeVos’s Bookcase, Online Learning, and International Student Visas

Mike, Dan, and Melissa reflect on the year so far while tracking some of the more sensational stories that are breaking lately. Did Donald Trump hire someone to take his SATs? If he did, is that better or worse than Lori Laughlin paying for access to the USC Crew team? What do we think about Betsy DeVos’s bookcases for her Zoom meetings?

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Closing Gaps and Navigating Uncertainty with UNC Greensboro Chancellor, Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.

UNC Greensboro Chancellor, Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., joins Trending in Education to share his experiences leading a university with a long history of opening up access to higher education. Beginning as a women-only university in the late 19th Century, UNC Greensboro has since opened up to non-white students soon after to men.

We discuss the importance of digital inclusion, Dr. Gilliam’s transformative experiences leading the university through the COVID-19 response thus far, and responding to the George Floyd murder and related unrest.

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Becoming Active as a Black Professional after George Floyd with Liz Leiba

Liz Leiba, an education professional, teacher, and podcast host, joins Melissa and Mike to discuss her personal response to George Floyd’s death. In response to this travesty, Liz has become much more active on LinkedIn and on her podcast, The Ed Up Experience, telling her personal story as a black woman in higher ed and the corporate world.

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Proactive Care for Adult Learners with Elise Awwad

Elise Awwad, Vice President of Strategic Enrollment at DeVry University, joins Mike this week to explore how DeVry has been delivering proactive care as part of its educational philosophy for adult learners. We examine how they were able to respond to the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in response to the death of George Floyd.

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The Future of Learning Virtual Summit with Rohit Barghava

Trending in Education partnered with Rohit Barghava and the Non-Obvious Company to host a Virtual Summit on the Future of Learning. Join Rohit, Melissa Griffith, Dan Strafford, and Mike Palmer as they discuss what the future might hold for parents, learning professionals, and lifelong learners.

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