Listening to Adult Learners with Howard Lurie

Howard Lurie, Principal Analyst, Online and Continuing Education at Eduventures, joins Mike this week to discuss recent research findings from the firm that dives into the mindset and sentiment of adult learners. Eduventures has published findings from two surveys of adult learners–one fielded before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and then a second survey fielded in June 2020. Howard shares his perspective on changes in demand, desired credentials, and delivery mode pre- and post-pandemic. We explore the short-term and longer-term implications of the economic and public health impact on adult learners as we expand the perspective beyond the graduating high school population to begin to wrap our heads around the much larger and more diverse population of adult learners writ large.

Howard and Eduventures provide great insights on today’s show. If you want to learn more from them, visit eduventures.com. Thanks for listening!

Episode References

Lurie, H. (2020). Adult Learners Interrupted? Initial Findings from Eduventures’ Newest Research. https://encoura.org/adult-learners-interrupted-initial-findings-from-eduventures-newest-research/