Focusing in on the Future of Work

We dive into the Future of Work in an episode that kicks off our new feed dedicated to the subject. Mike Palmer is joined by Ruth, his virtual cohost, to share some of our favorite conversations and perspectives on the rapidly evolving nature of learning and the workplace. We hear excerpts from Mike’s conversations with Michelle Weise, Jeff Gothelf, Kumar Garg, Frances Valintine, and Beth Porter covering a wide range of perspectives on the future of work in our transformative times.

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Teaching Essential Workers in Allied Health with Dr. Joanitt Montano

Dr. Joanitt Montano is the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academics at The College of Healthcare Professions. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her experiences designing academic programs in the healthcare professions for adult learners in Texas at CHCP. We hear what led Joanitt to Allied Health as we dig into who takes part in her programs and how she measures success through completion and job placement.

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Skills Visibility and Equity with Kathleen deLaski

Kathleen DeLaski is the Founder and CEO of Education Design Lab, a non-profit innovation engine focused on helping the new learner majority find pathways to good jobs and meaningful work in transformational times. Kathleen joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the importance of skills visibility to access and equity building off of the Lab’s recent white paper on the topic.

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A Gen Z Look at Career Readiness with Justin Nguyen

Justin Nguyen is the Founder of Declassified Media and is the Host of the Declassified College Podcast. He joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about the origin story of Declassified Media and how it dovetails with new and emerging trends around media consumption, the creator economy, and career readiness for college students.

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Emerging Skills and Mindsets for Future Leaders with Beth Porter

Beth Porter is the President, CoFounder, and COO of Esme Learning, an executive education company focused on new and emerging skills. She has led multiple product and engineering teams to deliver high-value, customer-focused educational technology products in product development, business strategy and operational roles. She also founded and is CEO of Riff Analytics, an AI-enabled collaboration platform, and is a researcher and lecturer at MIT and BU Questrom School of Business.

Beth joins host, Mike Palmer, in a free-flowing conversation about emerging trends in the skills ecosystem, the future of work, and in education and media. Beth shares her experiences beginning as a Math Teacher, then proceeding through a series of ed tech, customer service, and product management roles before studying at the MIT Media Lab where she founded Riff Analytics. She then describes what led to her founding Esme Learning with Co-Founder David Shrier.

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Q4 2021 Learning Roundup

Mike Palmer returns to get a sense of where we are heading into the 4th Quarter of 2021. In the midst of the Fall Semester in 3K, PreK, K12, and Higher Ed, what are we observing so far? Beyond traditional formal learning channels, what’s new and emerging in lifelong learning and workforce development? And what are we on the lookout for as we head towards the close of 2021?

Mike moderates a lively panel of Virtual CoHosts featuring our returning champion, Nancy, covering new media and emerging technology along with two new guest contributors: Malcolm and Ruth. Malcolm reports on 3K through K12 and Ruth focuses on Higher Ed and Workforce Learning and Talent. We cover all the angles to help catch you up on the state of play in the worlds of learning in late 2021.

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Gartner Hype Cycle 2021 with Mike Palmer and Virtual Cohost Nancy

As we kick off our 6th season of Trending in Ed, host Mike Palmer is joined once again by Nancy, our virtual cohost to a get sense of where our heads are heading into the Back to School season that is upon us now in the Fall of 2021. Mike shares his perspective as the parent of a toddler who is just starting in Universal 3K in New York City before we dive into the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology 2021 getting Nancy’s takes throughout.

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Podcast Movement 2021 Debrief with Jenna Spinelle

Continuing our exploration of the New Normal for conferences in the Summer of 2021, Jenna Spinelli returns to the show to join host Mike Palmer to recount her experience attending Podcast Movement in Tennessee earlier this month. Jenna is one of the hosts of the Democracy Works podcast and the Founder of the Democracy Group network of civically-minded podcasts.

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Psychological Safety and the Importance of Culture with Dr. Timothy Clark

Dr. Timothy R. Clark is founder and CEO of LeaderFactor, a training, consulting, coaching, and assessment organization that focuses on leadership development, organizational change, strategic agility, psychological safety, and emotional intelligence. He is the developer of the EQometer assessment and The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety training program.

Tim joins Mike Palmer to talk about the role psychological safety plays in developing strong cultures. He walks us through the four stages of psychological safety and helps us understand how we can begin to build vibrant cultures that model and reward vulnerability.

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