Sentient AI and Podfasters with Nancy our Virtual CoHost

Mike Palmer is rejoined by Virtual CoHost, Nancy, in a conversation about the recent news of Google’s LaMDA or Language Models for Dialog Applications based on chat transcripts leaked by Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer in Google’s Responsible AI organization. We also share perspectives on a recent article about “podfasters,” folks who prefer to listen to audio at accelerated speeds.

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Leadership, Mentorship, and Skating to Where the Puck is Going with Adam Mendler

Adam Mendler is the CEO of the Veloz Group and the Host of the Thirty Minute Mentors podcast. He also teaches graduate-level courses on Teamwork and Leadership at UCLA. He’s an experienced keynote and public speaker with an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

Adam joins host, Mike Palmer, in a conversation about mentorship, leadership training, and other emerging trends in executive education. Listen in to get tips on how to find a mentor, why it’s worth it to be a mentor, and much more.

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Future of Work

Talking About Skills, Baby, with Kelly Ryan Bailey

Kelly Ryan Bailey, the host of Let’s Talk About Skills Baby and the Director of Open Skills at EMSI, joins Mike to talk about the journey that brought her to where she is today as a mother, a podcaster, and a global skills evangelist.

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Higher Education

Innovation, Customer Discovery, and Hard-Boiled Podcasting with Dr. Shannon Clute

Dr. Shannon Clute joins Mike to share his broad and varied experiences in education, innovation, marketing, and digital media. He begins by telling the story of his early experiments with podcasting and other new media to innovate in higher education where Shannon was a Professor of French Literature.

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The Power of Educational Audio with Zachary Davis

Mike is joined by Zachary Davis, the President and Founder of Lyceum, an educational podcasting platform that is launching now. Zachary is also the organizer of the Sound Education conference and the host of the podcast Ministry of Ideas. He’s also the host of a new podcast called Writ Large that is debuting now with the launch of Lyceum.. Zachary tells the story of how he became focused on educational audio after working at HarvardX, one of the early MOOCs associated with EdX. Despite doing great work there, he was frustrated by the low completion rate of the early MOOCs and eventually gravitated to podcasting as a way to make amazing educational content more broadly accessible to a global audience. This has led to the recent launch of Lyceum which is a curated educational audio platform with community features that allow for deeper engagement with folks who listen to educational podcasts.

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