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Building Science into Early Childhood Education with Dr. Tzipor Ulman

Tzipor Ulman, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Science is Elementary. Under Tzipor’s leadership, Science is Elementary (SiE) grew from an idea to a multi-faceted organization with international reaching more than 50,000 children, their teachers, and their families this year. She joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about building strong foundations in science into our educational system, particularly for traditional populations that have been underserved and underrepresented.

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The Best of Trending in Ed – Wendy Zukerman LIVE from the Javits Center for NAB in New York

For this installment of the Best of Trending in Ed, we’re returning to an episode we recorded live at the Javits Center for NAB New York in the Fall of 2018. Wendy Zukerman joins hosts Mike Palmer and Brandon Jones in a conversation about science, media, podcasting, and the work she is doing at the Science Vs which is still going strong at Gimlet to this day.

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