Higher Education

Creating Affordable, Engaging, and Scalable Higher Ed with Aaron Rasmussen

Aaron Rasmussen is the Founder and CEO of Outlier.org. He’s also a Cofounder of Masterclass and an award-winning game designer. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about how the team at Outlier is designing a product experience built to disrupt higher education by providing affordable access to highly engaging, accredited online courses and certificates.

We begin with the story of Aaron’s roots in rural Oregon where he taught himself with books from local libraries before gaining access to higher ed at Boston University. He shares the lessons he learned from successful robotics and gaming startups that set the stage for his formative experience at Masterclass, a category leader in online learning. This all leads to an examination of why he founded Outlier and how it’s setting out to provide a scalable, high-quality education for folks who have been left out by traditional higher ed. It’s a wide-ranging exploration of what it takes to make great online learning experiences that are motivating and compelling enough to coexist with new experiences like TikTok and Fortnite. Don’t miss it!

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