Scaling High Dosage Tutoring with AirTutors Founder Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali is the Founder and CEO of AirTutors, an EdTech company delivering high-dosage online tutoring at scale. He joins host Mike Palmer to talk about emerging trends in tutoring, AI, catching up on “learning loss,” and more.

We begin by hearing of Hasan’s roots in Stockton, California, before he headed to Cal Berkeley and then Los Angeles with an initial goal of becoming a doctor. Despite his mother’s concerns about not pursuing a medical degree, Hasan founded AirTutors after tapping into the tutoring market in private schools around LA. From there, we learn how he and team have crossed over into providing the same kinds of solutions at scale in public schools with work like what they’re doing with the LA Unified School District. Hasan shares his takes on AI and its upside for teachers / risks for students, his experiences leading an online tutoring startup through the COVID years, and his plans to continue to grow by reaching students who need to catch up but historically haven’t had access to tutors to help with the journey. Don’t miss it!

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