Skills Visibility and Equity with Kathleen deLaski

Kathleen DeLaski is the Founder and CEO of Education Design Lab, a non-profit innovation engine focused on helping the new learner majority find pathways to good jobs and meaningful work in transformational times. Kathleen joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the importance of skills visibility to access and equity building off of the Lab’s recent white paper on the topic.

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Skills, Disruption, and Future-Proofing Your Career Path with Frances Valintine

Frances Valintine is the CEO and Founder of both The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, innovative education providers for adults wishing to upskill, reskill, stay relevant and embrace change. recently wrote her first book, titled Future You which is available in New Zealand and soon internationally. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about skills, disruption, and future-proofing your career path with special attention to mid-career professionals.

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Emerging Trends in EdTech, Skilling, and AI with Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh is the Head of the EdTech Business line at the Harbinger Group, a global provider of software products and services since 1990. Rahul joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about emerging trends in educational technology including AR/VR and the Metaverse, AI, Robotics, and the Blockchain.

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The Shifting Post Secondary Job Ecosystem with Paul Fain

Paul Fain is a Freelance Journalist and Analyst who serves as the Editor of The Job Newsletter from Open Campus. Each week he provides a veteran journalist’s take on what to watch as postsecondary education and job training systems work to better serve lower-income learners and workers.

Paul joins host Mike Palmer in a discussion about recent trends he’s been tracking through The Job and Work Shift, a related newsletter that tracks related topics through the reporting of local journalists.

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A Gen Z Look at Career Readiness with Justin Nguyen

Justin Nguyen is the Founder of Declassified Media and is the Host of the Declassified College Podcast. He joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about the origin story of Declassified Media and how it dovetails with new and emerging trends around media consumption, the creator economy, and career readiness for college students.

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A Deep Dive into Instructional Design with Dr. Luke Hobson

Dr. Luke Hobson is Senior Instructional Designer and Program Manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He hosts the Dr. Luke Hobson Podcast and recently wrote What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer.

Luke joins host Mike Palmer in a discussion about recent trends in instructional design along with his perspectives on where the field is going.

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Emerging Skills and Mindsets for Future Leaders with Beth Porter

Beth Porter is the President, CoFounder, and COO of Esme Learning, an executive education company focused on new and emerging skills. She has led multiple product and engineering teams to deliver high-value, customer-focused educational technology products in product development, business strategy and operational roles. She also founded and is CEO of Riff Analytics, an AI-enabled collaboration platform, and is a researcher and lecturer at MIT and BU Questrom School of Business.

Beth joins host, Mike Palmer, in a free-flowing conversation about emerging trends in the skills ecosystem, the future of work, and in education and media. Beth shares her experiences beginning as a Math Teacher, then proceeding through a series of ed tech, customer service, and product management roles before studying at the MIT Media Lab where she founded Riff Analytics. She then describes what led to her founding Esme Learning with Co-Founder David Shrier.

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EdTech and AI from the ASU GSV Summit with Mike Merrill

Mike Merrill joins Mike Palmer to talk about his experience at the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego. While Mike Merrill attended in person, Mike Palmer attended online. We reflect on the different experiences and how it connects to issues of access and equity as we muse about the future of conferencing in these challenging times.

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