Raj Chetty’s Friendship Research, Klosterman’s Nineties, and More

Mike reacts to the passing of Bill Russell, Nichelle Nichols, and Vin Scully as we hope to shoulder surf off their dignity and grace.

Then, we touch on the groundbreaking work released by Raj Chetty’s team at Opportunity Insights looking at the impact of friendship on economic mobility. We introduce the study to the conversation here in the hopes of digging in more with experts down the line.

We wrap up with some book talk with Mike providing some quick takes on The Nineties: A Book by Chuck Klosterman. Having recently listened to the audiobook, Mike gives Chuck props for voicing it. It’s worth checking out for folks curious about generational zeitgeists and those of us who are basking in the glow of the 90s retro window these days.

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