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Helping Folks Finish Up Higher Education with Terah Crews

Host Mike Palmer goes in-depth on the “some college, no degree” crisis with Terah Crews, CEO of ReUp Education. A startling 41 million American adults – roughly 1 in 6 – have some college credits but no degree. Crews powerfully argues that ignoring this population exacerbates enrollment, workforce, and wage gaps across society.

ReUp takes an innovative approach, partnering with universities and state governments to re-engage stopout students and support degree completion. Their statewide “marketplaces” centralize these efforts, removing disincentives for student transfers between schools. Crews discusses ReUp’s groundbreaking work in New Jersey, having already re-enrolled thousands of students in just the first two terms.

The conversation explores AI’s impending impact on the workforce, creating urgency to upskill this population. Crews emphasizes higher education must evolve to better serve adult learners through improved user experiences, drawing lessons from intuitive consumer platforms like Amazon.

Key Takeaways:

  • 41 million Americans (1 in 6 adults) have some college credits but no degree – a massive crisis
  • ReUp pioneers statewide “marketplaces” to centralize re-engaging and supporting stopout students
  • Urgent need to reskill this population given workforce shifts from AI/automation
  • Higher ed must modernize to provide adult learner-friendly experiences akin to consumer tech

Don’t miss this insightful discussion tackling one of society’s most overlooked yet impactful challenges.

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