Leading EdTech Across the Higher Ed Ecosystem with Bruce Dahlgren

Bruce Dahlgren, CEO of Anthology, joins host Mike Palmer for an edtech discussion informed by Bruce’s extensive IT background and higher ed governance along with his vision for the growth of the platform.

With over four decades across enterprise software, data infrastructure, fintech (financial technology), and cybersecurity, Bruce brings valuable outside perspective to leading this major edtech player. He shares unique insights on leveraging AI, analytics, and integrated platforms to enable personalized, seamless learning. Bruce discusses Anthology’s ecosystem spanning the Blackboard LMS (learning management system), ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), and more.

As a technology expert and voice in higher ed governance, Bruce makes the case that AI and analytics can create a more holistic student journey from recruitment to career outcomes and alumni engagement. Key themes include using Anthology’s AI Design Assistant for quickly building courses, its ethical AI framework, and the critical role of security in edtech. We also reference this white paper.

Bruce argues his multifaceted background helps connect enterprise tech innovation with higher ed trends. He provides perspective on using edtech to drive student engagement, preparedness, and institutional success. Don’t miss it!

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