Labor Day Special – The Teacher Insurgency with Dr. Leo Casey

Our final Best of Trending in Ed for the summer showcases a conversation with Dr. Leo Casey about his book, The Teacher Insurgency.

Mike welcomes Dr. Leo Casey, the Executive Director of the Albert Shanker Institute who has written a book called The Teacher Insurgency: A Strategic and Organizing Perspective. They begin with Leo’s upbringing by two New York City teachers, how he abandoned his dissertation to teach in Crown Heights, and how he began working with the union when his school shut down.

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Best of Trending in Ed – Dr. Mohan Sawhney on the Future of Business Education

In this edition of The Best of Trending in Ed, we return to a conversation from the early days of the pandemic where Mike Palmer and Melissa Griffith interviewed Dr. Mohan Sawhney from Kellogg’s School of Management on the future of business education, innovation and much more.

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Best of Trending in Ed – Dr. Rich Milner on Opportunity Gaps, Race, Grace, and Developing Teachers

As we continue our Best of Trending in Ed series through the summer, in this edition we’re featuring our most downloaded episode ever where Dr. Rich Milner joins host Mike Palmer in the Summer of 2020 to talk about his book, Start Where You Are But Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms for which the 2nd edition had just been published.

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