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Best of Trending in Ed – Dr. Mohan Sawhney on the Future of Business Education

In this edition of The Best of Trending in Ed, we return to a conversation from the early days of the pandemic where Mike Palmer and Melissa Griffith interviewed Dr. Mohan Sawhney from Kellogg’s School of Management on the future of business education, innovation and much more.

Dr. Sawhney is the Associate Dean for Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management, We explore how the traditional approach to Business School and Executive Education is ripe for disruption. As the McCormick Foundation Professor of Technology at Kellogg, Dr. Sawhney is launching and testing several varied and distinct approaches to providing business education both through the traditional two-year on-campus model and also through hybrid and online models. The Professor engages with Melissa, a Kellogg alum, in a conversation about providing continuous value and lifelong learning to alums through communities of interest, small private online courses (SPOCs), along with access to human-powered services like executive coaching, live webinars, and 1-on-1 office hours. We genuinely enjoyed the imaginative and impassioned perspectives Dr. Sawhney provides on this topic and hope you’ll lean in with us to explore how graduate education will accelerate forward in the tumultuous times of the 2020s.

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