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Best of Trending in Ed – Dr. Rich Milner on Opportunity Gaps, Race, Grace, and Developing Teachers

As we continue our Best of Trending in Ed series through the summer, in this edition we’re featuring our most downloaded episode ever where Dr. Rich Milner joins host Mike Palmer in the Summer of 2020 to talk about his book, Start Where You Are But Don’t Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today’s Classrooms for which the 2nd edition had just been published.

Rich is a Professor of Education at Vanderbilt University where he focuses on Teacher Education with special attention to issues of racial equity. We explore Rich’s thinking about issues of diversity, opportunity gaps, and the mindsets that must be overcome to effectively engage diverse students and classrooms. While many of the themes are enormously relevant to this day, several warranted further discussion in light of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the COVID-19 pandemic which were roiling in the Summer of 2020 when this episode was recorded. We explore much of this in a riveting conversation with Rich that you won’t want to miss. Rich is a leading thinker on teacher education and diversity and we very much appreciate getting time with him on for this episode. Here’s to having him back to continue the conversation in the future!

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