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Recent Trends in Educational Research with Youki Terada from

Youki Terada, Research and Standards Editor at Edutopia, returns to the show to revisit trends in K-12 Educational research in light of the tumultuous year in which we’re living. The response to the pandemic has re-emphasized the critical role of social-emotional learning along with issues of digital divides and Youki and team have been shifting Eduopia’s focus in that direction.

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The 2020 Learning Research Landscape with Youki Terada from Edutopia

Following up on our recent show covering the educational research highlights of 2019, Mike sits down with Youki Terada from Edutopia who authored the article. Youki is the Research and Standards editor for Edutopia which means he reviews and edits contributions from Edutopia’s writing staff to ensure it’s evidence-based, well-designed, and relevant to Edutopia’s target audience of K12 Educators.

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