Social Emotional Learning

The Power of SEL for Adults with Tre’ Gammage

Tre’ Gammage is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist and Storyteller focused on building social-emotional competence in school communities by focusing on Adults’ Emotional Skills. He’s also the host of the Dash Podcast where he explores topics in SEL for adults and much more. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about SEL and its importance for teachers, other adults, and everyone.

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Tutoring, AI and Teacher Empowerment with Anthony Salcito

Anthony Salcito is the Chief Institutional Officer at Varsity Tutors where he’s been focused on bringing high-quality tutoring to teachers and schools across the country. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation that digs into the power of using tutoring and emerging AI to empower teachers to drive student learning around the globe.

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Learning and Education

A Closer Look at Teacher Insurgency with Dr. Leo Casey

Mike welcomes Dr. Leo Casey, the Executive Director of the Albert Shanker Institute who has written a book called The Teacher Insurgency: A Strategic and Organizing Perspective. They begin with Leo’s upbringing by two New York City teachers, how he abandoned his dissertation to teach in Crown Heights, and how he began working with the union when his school shut down.

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A Brief History Teachers and Labor in the US with Dr. Jon Shelton

Dr. Jon Shelton, Associate Professor of Democracy and Justice at UW-Green Bay, joins Mike for a special Labor Day edition where we dive into the history of Labor and Education in the US on today’s show.

Jon walks us through the history of the Labor Day holiday, expanding beyond barbecues and rules about when it’s okay to wear white. From there, we delve into the long history of collective action among educators and other workers over the years.

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