The 2020 Learning Research Landscape with Youki Terada from Edutopia

Following up on our recent show covering the educational research highlights of 2019, Mike sits down with Youki Terada from Edutopia who authored the article. Youki is the Research and Standards editor for Edutopia which means he reviews and edits contributions from Edutopia’s writing staff to ensure it’s evidence-based, well-designed, and relevant to Edutopia’s target audience of K12 Educators.

We talk about areas of research that Youki has found particularly interesting and explore several examples with an eye towards practical application for educators. We also talk about the importance of curation and the risks of fast or sloppy research when looking for good applications of emerging learning research.

Terada, Y. (2019, December 5). 2019 Education Research Highlights. Edutopia. https://www.edutopia.org/article/2019-education-research-highlights