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Teachers’ Right to Disconnect with Youki Terada

Youki Terada is Research Editor at Edutopia. He rejoins host Mike Palmer for his third (refrigerator magnet earning!) appearance on Trending in Ed, this time to discuss his recent article on teacher burnout and how to combat it.

We hear about how teachers’ jobs have been transformed by the new “always on” demands brought about by the pandemic and the integration of digital into the classroom. Now teachers are having problems disconnecting from work with new demands around email and technical support impinging on their private time.

We also touch on Youki’s recent article on the stresses accompanying high-stales testing as he highlights research showcased in recent editions of Edutopia’s Weekly Newsletter as well as its new The Research Is In newsletter. You can sign up for Edutopia newsletters here. It’s an informed survey of emerging research to help teachers and their supporters navigate new problems in challenging times. Don’t miss it!

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