Learning and Education

Recent Trends in Educational Research with Youki Terada from Edutopia.org

Youki Terada, Research and Standards Editor at Edutopia, returns to the show to revisit trends in K-12 Educational research in light of the tumultuous year in which we’re living. The response to the pandemic has re-emphasized the critical role of social-emotional learning along with issues of digital divides and Youki and team have been shifting Eduopia’s focus in that direction.

As Edutopia continues to provide tools and supports for teachers diving into remote teaching, Youki highlights some of the critical differences with online teaching, particularly with regard to receiving feedback. It’s a fascinating conversation and you’ll come away thinking of horses doing math problems in an entirely new way.

You can find more of Youki and team’s great work at Edutopia.org. Thanks as always for listening.