Future of Work

A Gen Z Look at Career Readiness with Justin Nguyen

Justin Nguyen is the Founder of Declassified Media and is the Host of the Declassified College Podcast. He joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about the origin story of Declassified Media and how it dovetails with new and emerging trends around media consumption, the creator economy, and career readiness for college students.

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Upskilling, Career Shifts, and the Future of Work with Nicolle Merrill

Nicolle Merrill joins Mike to talk about acquiring skills, shifting careers, and overcoming fear and self-doubt. Nicolle is the author of the book Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots. She tells her story of career growth and lessons learned along the way. Nicolle is also the host of a podcast called 50 Conversations in which she explores career shifts, skill development, and the challenges of automation and disruptions in the workplace.

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Advancing Social Mobility Through Public Education with Kristin Kearns-Jordan

Kristin Kearns-Jordan, the CEO of The Urban Assembly, joins Mike this week to describe the career-themed approach to public education that is driving social mobility in 23 schools in New York City. We begin by hearing Kristin’s origin story and career arc which has led to her current role with The Urban Assembly.

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