Brandon Jones


Trending in Ed OG Reunion with Brandon Jones and Dan Strafford

The “OG” squad is back together as founding hosts Mike Palmer, Brandon Jones, and Dan Strafford reunite for this special throwback episode. Join us as we reminisce about the early days of the show and reflect on trends in ed tech and AI since 2016 and especially of late. Hear our takes on augmenting human intelligence, riding the AI wave, and avoiding the Uncanny Valley.

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Future of Work

Navigating the Disruptive Transformation of the 2020s with Brandon Jones

Mike welcomes old friend, Brandon Jones, back to the show to talk about Steve Brown’s prediction that we’ll see more disruptive innovation in the next 10 years than we’ve seen in the previous forty. Layering in the likelihood that human creativity and lateral thinking will outstrip AI’s capabilities in that regard for the next 10 years, how should we take a longer view when making plans for the future everything? Mike and Brandon aim to bring some 2030 Farsight to bear as we peer into possible futures for the 2020s on this week’s show.

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