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The Learning Power of Behavioral Health Simulations with Dr. Glenn Albright

Dr. Glenn Albright is a clinical psychologist and the Co-founder / Director of Research at Kognito, a health simulation company that has trained thousands of education staff in the U.S. on how to properly converse with students that exhibit at-risk behavior and properly refer them to counseling services. Glenn joins host Mike Palmer to dive into how the use of virtual characters in scenario-based interactive simulation can in some cases unlock better outcomes than traditional, live training.

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Behavioral Health During the Pandemic with Russell Glass

Russell Glass returns to Trending in Education to talk about the broader state of behavioral health from his vantage point as CEO of Ginger, an industry-leading behavioral health app. Building on trends we’ve already been tracking around behavioral health, pre-coronavirus, Russell walks us through patterns of usage that mark a significant shift since broad stay-at-home and social distancing orders have spread across the globe.

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