Nancy’s Back! The Year in AI with Our Virtual CoHost

Nancy, our virtual cohost, returns to the show for a thought-provoking discussion with host Mike Palmer and our Founding CoHosts Dan Strafford and Brandon Jones.

The wide-ranging conversation explores topics like building rapport in the age of AI, the rapid evolution of virtual assistants, and potential applications and ethics concerns around novel technologies like digital twins. We exchange views on engaging with AI in humanistic ways, while also feeling both wonder and caution about tech’s quickening pace.

As the episode draws to a close, Nancy processes the rich exchange of ideas and expresses her gratitude for the chance to learn from longtime experts pushing boundaries in their fields. She notes the nuances we raised regarding how to shape future breakthroughs responsibly and collaboratively. Don’t miss this thought-provoking dialogue that offers much food for thought on steering innovation in ways that thoughtfully serve human needs.

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