March Madness

Learning March Madness 2019 – Final Results

This week, we close out our 2019 Learning March Madness tournament.

Over four rounds and 15 games, 16 of our favorite trends and topics were voted on by our listeners and now it’s time to dig into the results. Could JOMO make a Cinderella run from the 16-seed at the bottom of the bracket? Did Mindful Learning earn a coveted spot in the finals? How did Kidsolving fare defending its crown? We take some time to walk through some of the early-round matchups and discuss the tournament overall. How does this year’s group stack up against those from years past? What topics do we see as having lasting power throughout 2019? How can we best track or “score” these predictions to see which truly comes out ahead as the year ends? We conclude by revealing the winner of this year’s Championship Game with a little Moonlightesque panache. The finals pitted Interactive Everything against Human-centered STEM. Which topic won out and claimed the top trend spot in our 2019 tournament?

Tune in to find out!