Exploring Google’s Future of Education Report with Jennie Magiera

Jennie Magiera is the Global Head of Education impact at Google. She’s also the author of the best-seller, Courageous Edventures: Navigating Obstacles to Discover Classroom Innovation. She joins host Mike Palmer to talk about Part 1 of Google’s The Future of Education Report – Preparing for a New Future which was recently released.

We begin by hearing about Jennie’s impressive career path beginning as an award-winning Math teacher in New York and Chicago before rising through a number of administrative and technology roles in Chicago and in the Obama Administration before landing in her current role with Google. From there we dig into the contents of the first part of the report which points to the growing need for global problem solvers, highlights the critical importance of durable skills and emerging technical competencies, and concludes with a focus on lifelong learning and the mindsets needed to be resilient and flexible as we prepare for disruption and the uncertain future of work. It’s a wide-ranging and relevant discussion you won’t want to miss.

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