ChatGPT and the Future of Learning with Nancy our Virtual Cohost

With the recent release of ChatGPT, host Mike Palmer dives into the learning implications of this technology for the world of education. Nancy, our virtual cohost, joins Mike in the conversation this time powered by the new dialogic toolset from OpenAI.

We begin by learning what this technology is in its own words before hearing which trends ChatGPT sees as most impactful to education. Then we explore the risks and opportunities emerging with new and widely accessible AI tools like this entering the scene. Will we lose our jobs? Will OpenAI achieve Skynet-like self-awareness? What does this all mean for humans? How does this relate to the importance of durable skills? What are the implications for teachers? And for writers, the future of writing, and essay exams?

We explore all of this and more as we discover what happens when you hook a virtual cohost up to OpenAI firepower and record an eppy. Don’t miss it!

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