Learning Science

Insights for Parents from Learning Science with Dr. Bror Saxberg

In this week’s episode of Trending in Education, host Mike Palmer has an enlightening conversation with learning science expert Bror Saxberg. As the founder of Learning Forge, Saxberg knows a tremendous amount about how learning happens in the brain, and he shares his wisdom in this episode by applying that knowledge to parenting.

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Social Emotional Learning

Neuroscience Meets Social Emotional Learning with Andrea Samadi

Mike connects with Andrea Samadi, the host of the Neuroscience Meets Social Emotional Learning podcast, and the two talk about the brain, how it connects to social and emotional aspects of human behavior, learning, and cognition. Andrea recounts her background as an educator who formed a consultancy,, and has recently launched a podcast on this fascinating intersection between the latest research in neuroscience and its potential application in the classroom.

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K12 Education

Neuroscience, Whole Child and Teacher Development

Mike and Dan welcome two great guests, Dr. Bror Saxberg and Glenn Whitman, to discuss the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL), neuroscience and learning, and how a holistic approach to education applies to teaching and teacher development. Phew! Bror, Vice President, Learning Science at CZI, discusses the mission of the organization and how it recently invested in CTTL. Glenn describes the work that’s been done on a local level at the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Maryland and how that work is being scaled across the US and globally through CZI.

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