K12 Education

Does AI Belong in Your Classroom with Dr. Whitney Green

In this special episode, host Mike Palmer is interviewed by Dr. Whitney Green from Kiddom about the use of AI and ChatGPT in the classroom. We discuss how AI and generative technologies like ChatGPT came about through advancements in computing power and neural networks. While some educators have concerns about introducing these technologies too quickly, Mike and Whitney explore the potential benefits of using AI to personalize learning and support teachers.

We talk about establishing parameters and getting parental consent to use ChatGPT responsibly in schools. Mike suggests teachers try out the technology personally first to understand it. He says AI could help teachers by automating repetitive tasks so they can focus more on coaching and motivating students. Whitney emphasizes becoming knowledgeable about AI tools to use them effectively for students’ learning needs.

Overall, Mike and Whitney encourage being open-minded, finding trusted resources, and connecting with other educators to thoughtfully adopt AI. We are hopeful about AI’s potential to empower teachers and unlock new levels of personalized learning if implemented carefully. The key is educating all stakeholders involved and putting student learning at the center.

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