K12 Education

EdTech Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Phil Hickman

Dr. Phil Hickman joins host Mike Palmer for a wide-ranging conversation on education, technology and the future of work. Dr. Phil explains how his diverse background led him to found Plabook, an edtech company using AI to teach reading and literacy. He provides a vision for preparing youth with skills like critical thinking, creativity, and the adaptive ability to continually learn in a fast-changing world.  

We discuss AI, automation, entrepreneurship, and concerns about technology replacing jobs. Dr. Phil draws from his varied experiences as an educator, administrator, and collaborator with tech firms to provide unique perspectives on blending emerging tech with timeless principles of human development. This insightful episode covers the future of education, psychology, business, pitch competitions, and more. Join us for a robust discussion on how to equip the rising generations and all of us for a rapidly changing and unpredictable future.

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