Using Virtual Robots to Teach Computer Science with Adam Dalton

Adam Dalton is the CEO and Co-Founder of Imagine Robotify, a STEM learning company he started at age 23 to make coding and robotics more affordable and accessible for students and prepare them for the future of work.

Adam joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about what sparked his interest in robotics and computer science and what led to him create Robotify to help K-12 students learn computer science by programming virtual robots. We explore how his experiences growing up in Dublin along with the transformations of recent years have informed his strategic vision for the company. By using virtual robots and incorporating relevance, gaming, and fun into the mix, Robotify has made such an impact that they were recently acquired by Imagine Learning to propel their growth even further.

Join us for an imaginative, STEM-powered exploration of what resonates with today’s youth as we look to make computer science and a maker’s mindset more widely accessible and fun for all kids.

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