Coding Robots, Entrepreneurship, and Connecting with Gen Z Learners with Adam Dalton

Adam Dalton is the Founder and CEO of Imagine Robotify, a company that helps kids learn to code using virtual robots. He rejoins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about STEM education, the future of work, and the massive shifts we’ve seen in AI since we first met Adam last August.

We hear how Adam got to this point in his career, founding, growing, and ultimately selling Robotify to Imagine Learning when he was 23. Then he shares his concerns about using AI with young learners before exploring its potential upsides. Adam reflects on what resonates with the rising generations and concludes with his thoughts on entrepreneurship as a career path for Gen Z. Don’t miss this conversation about the future of education with a successful young entrepreneur with unique insights into designing fun and engaging learning products that teach coding as well as durable skills.

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