Social Emotional Learning

The Power of SEL for Adults with Tre’ Gammage

Tre’ Gammage is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist and Storyteller focused on building social-emotional competence in school communities by focusing on Adults’ Emotional Skills. He’s also the host of the Dash Podcast where he explores topics in SEL for adults and much more. He joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about SEL and its importance for teachers, other adults, and everyone.

We begin with Tre’s origin story playing football, studying abroad in college, and building his resume before he’s 30. From there, we learn how he developed his SEL skills. All of this set Tre’ on a path to develop his own communication and SEL skills which he now employs regularly in his role as a consultant. Tre’ explains the DISC communication framework and emphasizes the importance of being intentional about SEL and how awareness can drive growth. We hear about the impact of the pandemic and its silver linings with potential for post-traumatic growth. Most of all, Tre’ emphasizes the critical importance of social emotional support for teachers and administrators who are faced with real challenges that must be addressed before they can build classroom environments for students to thrive. It’s a well-informed deep dive into being an SEL Consultant that you won’t want to miss!

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