Make to Know with Author Lorne Buchman

Lorne Buchman is the President of ArtCenter College of Design and Host of the ChangeLab Podcast. He’s also the author of a new book called Make To Know: From Spaces of Uncertainty to Creative Discovery. Lorne returns to join host Mike Palmer in an exploration of the themes in his new book and its relevance to the world of education and beyond.

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K12 Education

Building a Makerspace for Kids’ Learning with Cara Lesser

Mike is joined by Cara Lesser. CEO and Founder of the KID Museum in Bethesda, Maryland. Cara starts by describing how she transitioned from working on healthcare policy to growing interested in education as her children entered school. Inspired by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, she sought to create an institution dedicated to what she felt was lacking in her children’s education: creative, hands-on problem-solving.

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Higher Education

Anthropology, Big Data, and the Maker’s Mindset with Dr. Adam Gamwell

Adam Gamwell, a Design Anthropologist and Host of This Anthro Life, returns to Trending in Education to explore the relevance of anthropology and the social sciences to the workplace and business. Adam recounts his experiences teaching anthropology, managing Missing Links Studios, and most recently working with MotivBase on blending AI and Machine Learning with Anthropology.

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Higher EducationLearning

Knowing Through Making with Dr. Lorne Buchman the President of ArtCenter College of Design

Dr. Lorne Buchman, the President of ArtCenter College of Design and host of the Change Lab Podcast, joins Mike this week to share his experiences as a maker and the leader of an esteemed College of Art and Design. Lorne shares his origin story that is deeply steeped in the practical application of his education in the theater at Stanford University where he earned his doctorate. We touch on the power of humanistic psychology and the importance of building a culture where creatives can truly thrive to do their best work.

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