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Mentorship, Difference, and an Artist’s Sensibility with Dr. Malik Boykin

Dr. Malik Boykin is a Professor of Psychology at Brown University. Malik joins Mike Palmer to talk about his experiences growing up the son of a black psychology professor beginning in Ithaca at Cornell and ultimately at Howard University in Washington, DC. From there, Malik brings us along his journey as a musical artist to his research in contact analysis, mentorship, and algorithmic bias. In addition to his work in perceptions and preferences in Group Inequality at his psychology lab, Malik catches us up on his work as a musician as Malik Starx, including his recent release Dancing for Freedom.

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Understanding Adaptive Intelligence with Dr. Robert Sternberg

Dr. Robert Sternberg joins Mike to talk about his life’s work studying intelligence, creativity, and wisdom. He is Professor of Human Development in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. Bob recently wrote Adaptive Intelligence: Striving and Thriving in Times of Uncertainty and we spend time diving into the concepts and frameworks that are central to the book.

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Knowing Through Making with Dr. Lorne Buchman the President of ArtCenter College of Design

Dr. Lorne Buchman, the President of ArtCenter College of Design and host of the Change Lab Podcast, joins Mike this week to share his experiences as a maker and the leader of an esteemed College of Art and Design. Lorne shares his origin story that is deeply steeped in the practical application of his education in the theater at Stanford University where he earned his doctorate. We touch on the power of humanistic psychology and the importance of building a culture where creatives can truly thrive to do their best work.

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