Adam Gamwell

Best of Trending in Ed

Best of Trending in Ed – Robots, Science Fiction, and the Anthropological Imagination with Dr. Adam Gamwell

We bring back a popular and prescient episode from 2019 as part of our Best of Trending in Education series where Mike is joined by Design Anthropologist and Podcaster, Dr. Adam Gamwell, to explore how robots, science fiction, and anthropology are interrelated.

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Higher Education

Anthropology, Big Data, and the Maker’s Mindset with Dr. Adam Gamwell

Adam Gamwell, a Design Anthropologist and Host of This Anthro Life, returns to Trending in Education to explore the relevance of anthropology and the social sciences to the workplace and business. Adam recounts his experiences teaching anthropology, managing Missing Links Studios, and most recently working with MotivBase on blending AI and Machine Learning with Anthropology.

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