Designing a National Education Summit with Dr. Monique Chism

Dr. Monique Chism is the Under Secretary for Education at Smithsonian Institution. She joins host Mike Palmer to share what it’s like to lead education efforts for the Nation’s Museum and the thinking that’s gone into designing their National Education Summit that’s happening later this summer.

We begin with Monique’s origin story starting in a classroom teaching for 8 years before moving on to work at a nonprofit organization focused on closing achievement gaps and culturally proficient instruction. She then worked in the Department of Education before and at American Institute for Research focusing on taking education research into practice. This all led to Monique joining the Smithsonian Institution two years ago as its Under Secretary for Education. Monique describes the amazing free resources that the Smithsonian provides to educators as we learn what it’s like to lead the education program there. We hear what she’s got cooking for the 2023 Smithsonian National Education Summit: “Together We Thrive” which is coming in July, touching briefly on each of the themes of the summit: Life on a Sustainable Planet, STEAM Education, Reckoning with Our Racial Past, and An Integrated Arts Education. As we conclude, Monique shares advice for folks passionate about careers in education and provides her perspective on emerging AI and its potential impact on the future of work. It’s a thought-provoking deep dive with a learning thought leader that you won’t want to miss!

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