Lessons for Education from the Media Industry with Edward Hanapole

Edward Hanapole leads the media and entertainment practice at Alvarez and Marsal. He brings a unique perspective to his conversation with host Mike Palmer, having worked across major media sectors including education, publishing, and broadcast.

We discuss how media companies are adapting to direct-to-consumer models in a post-pandemic world. Edward notes they are having an “existential moment” realizing they must operate more like technology companies. He sees parallels in education’s shift to digital experiences. Students now expect education delivered differently, more like media and entertainment content.

Hanapole believes focusing on the consumer is key for both media and education. Investments target enhancing the user experience while ensuring educational rigor. We explore how artificial intelligence can aid creation of lessons and personalization. However, entertainment value shouldn’t overwhelm learning objectives and outcomes. Stealth learning that sneaks in education while engaging users has potential.

On human-AI collaboration, Edward discusses an AI advisor Kaplan is developing to replicate personalized guidance at scale. The system engages users with an intent, while continuously learning from interactions. Overall, he stresses not fearing new technologies. By embracing them, we gain the learning needed to innovate thoughtfully. Measuring outcomes ensures human advancement remains the objective.

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