K12 Education

Playing with Robots and Developing Problem-Solving Skills with Michelle Acaley

Mike Palmer and Robin Naughton explore coding and robotics for kids with Michelle Acaley, Senior Director of Product at Sphero. They discuss how Sphero’s coding toys teach critical thinking, collaboration, and grit through play. Michelle shares how products like Sphero’s Indi allow kids 4-8 years old to learn coding concepts by directing a robot car activated by colored tiles. She explains how Sphero’s modular robotics kit for high schoolers aims to make engineering feel approachable and easy to use.

As Mike and Robin share their experiences with their 4-year-old playing with Indi, the hosts talk about modeling failure and perseverance as parents and educators. Michelle offers advice for bringing more technology into the classroom through hands-on learning. She discusses the importance of ingraining confidence in young girls pursuing STEM. Overall the episode looks at how coding robots can boost kids’ creative problem-solving skills.

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