K12 Education

Free Expression and Education with Dr. Jonathan Friedman from PEN America

Dr. Jonathan Friedman is the Director of Free Expression and Education at PEN America. He joins Mike Palmer on this episode to talk about emerging trends in K12 and Higher Ed in the US relating to Free Speech and Free Expression. You can learn more about what Jonathan and PEN are doing at pen.org

After hearing Jonathan’s “origin story,” we quickly dive into the case of BL vs Mahanoy School District which is soon to go before the Supreme Court. Are a student’s snaps on Snapchat grounds for disciplinary action? Where do we draw the line around free expression among K12 students and how does their affiliation with the school impact the case?

From there we touch on emerging topics in higher education and in limitations on what can be taught in K12 before getting Jonathan’s thoughts on the importance of understanding the history of free speech in the US prior to the 20th Century in an informative and thought-provoking conversation that’s certainly worth a listen.

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